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Leon Butler BSc(Hons)

Mobile 07979 533993

Working in Partnership with Hogan Ltd

Project Manager/Client Representative/Former developer and high-end residential contractor - 48 years old


Having been sponsored by the Kier Group and after gaining an honours degree in quantity surveying and commercial management at Manchester University, I worked as a project QS for a handful of well-known main contractors over an eight year period.


I then set up my own development and high-end contracting business LEON (before the food giants :))


Clients included:


  •      The Blairs,

  •      Roman Abramovic and

  •      Numerous other high net-worths, and single handedly I turned over £3 million per year 
         back in the noughties.


I worked with many renowned architects and designers, as I was known to deliver with integrity, transparency, while maintaining strong communications throughout the process.


Albion Riverside, Montevetro, Chelsea Harbour, Knighstbidge, Little Venice and Highgate Village were the main areas in which I worked.

Having pursued my dream as a screenwriter/producer for the past ten years and been relatively successful (my first script became the film 100 Streets) I'm now back, hoping to utilise all my skills and experience in ensuring clients are well serviced and take advantage of a one-stop shop.


Incidentally, I've spent the past two years juggling film and construction, most notably looking after Idris Elba's property portfolio, and working as his client representative (he starred in 100 Streets, alongside Gemma Arterton) when the screenwriting went quiet during the recent pandemic...


The responsibility and the day to day proactiveness of my role really helped reignite my passion for the property industry.


Key features of my role


  • A strong contact book-from architects, interior designers. joiners, AV specialists to cleaners.

  • Excellent communicator-honed further in the film business.

  • Integrity-I've worked with countless well-known faces and secrecy is assured.

  • Transparency-It's a tough enough business, so open-book, honesty and communication is key.

  • A one-stop shop-I can organise and manage the process from start to finish.

  • Delivery-I've always been obsessed about detail and managing client expectation, hence repeat business and clients returning after my film sabbatical.

  • Non-litigious-I've never lost money on a project and never been to court.

Leon Butler  -  mobile: +44 (0)7979 533993

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